Team Training and Personal Coaching

Holistic Approach

20 years of corporate leadership provides the framework for my coaching program. Assessments like the MBTI® and TotalSDI describe preferences, strengths, motivations and conflict style. Adding in a spiritual gifts survey takes our coaching experience deeper than a corporate program would allow.  

Online Experience

It's never been easier to connect online. That means you and I can work together no matter the distance between us. Professional reporting is available for download, & you can refer to it even after our program is completed. And, our private, online community is a wonderful place to share your experience and network with others who are striving for clarity in their lives and ministries.

Lead & Influence

Leadership is all about influence. We each hold positions of influence, and have the opportunity to lead others well. The tools you learn in my program will directly apply to all aspects of your life, including relationships in your family, workplace, church, and community.  What will happen when you unleash clarity in each area of your life? Talk to me about consulting solutions for your ministry and personal development.

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