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Let's Dig into Scripture!

There are so many sources of information today that are readily available to Christians. Lots of books, blogs, memes, apps, groups and devotionals. This is usually a great thing! But it's important to be able to discern the truth through scriptural sources.

But how? Sometimes we have questions that we want to ask, but we aren't sure who to ask.  In college, I had a page (literally one page) of questions I wanted answered. Tough questions that I had never heard addressed in church. 

And women might find some additional hurdles to jump in our race for scriptural clarity. There aren't as many spiritual mentors as we might like. Women pastors, youth leaders, and worship leaders are out there, but maybe not in your church or even in your city.

Introducing Clarity Crew. It's a  members-only page where you can ask what you want. I will endeavor to supply an answer, along with my research backup. Not every question will be cut and dry, and if there are two sides to the answer I will give you both, so you can evaluate them for yourself.  I love digging into the original Hebrew and Greek text, and have a wealth of resources I'd love to share.

Clarity Crew is a way to get your questions answered. But I hope you will also learn HOW to research scripture to uncover the truths you need now, and in the future.

What do I believe? First, that the Holy Spirit will meet you in your reading and in your research. Second, that the Bible is truly God's Living Word. When you search for truth in scripture, God's words will jump off the page and resonate in your spirit. 

I'm a mom, a ministry leader, and a shepherd at heart. I believe the Holy Spirit makes His purpose for us clear when we seek Him. 

So let's dig in to scripture!

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