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Personalized Coaching

Whether you are looking for personal leadership coaching, or a team-building training session, I can customize a program that meets your needs and your budget. As a certified facilitator for both the MBTI and TotalSDI, I have access to online resources that allow me to work with you, no matter where you are located. 


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® 

  • Delivers personalized tips for positive change. Helps you clearly understand the impact of personality type in key areas of life. The Global Personal Impact assessment has 8 application sections that describe your strengths and challenges. Each offers suggestions for developing awareness and effectiveness. 
  • Team training sessions can cover topics including Change Management, Conflict Management, Leadership and Team Development, Decision-Making and Communication.


TotalSDI Assessment

  • The SDI provides insight into motivational values, conflict type, and strengths. 
  • Team training sessions provide powerful insight into how we use our filters to view others. This tool is an excellent choice for personal development, relationship coaching, and improving team dynamics.

Clarity Coaching

My Clarity Coaching program incorporates the above assessments, along with a spiritual gifts assessment. Each of us was created on purpose, for a purpose.  With Clarity Coaching, you receive the benefits of my corporate and Christian experience.  +20 years of  leadership, personnel development, and  ministry training.  


Clarity Coaching

Take your personal development to a whole new level, pairing powerful assessment tools with a unique scriptural focus. My well-rounded program is designed to bring you to a new level of clarity that you can unleash in all aspects of your life: relationships, career, and ministry. Let's get started!

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